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CHIPLOADER NG Version Explanation and DOWNLOAD

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The module is designed to work with Bosch ME (D) 17 / EDC17 (CPU Tricore) ECUs on a

table, without disassembling ECUs and performing the following operations:

1. Tricore processor Identification

2. Reading Tricore internal flash memory

3. Writing Tricore internal flash memory

4. Reading the internal eeprom memory of Tricore

5. Writing Tricore internal eeprom memory

6. Extract password from firmware

7. Disabling digital signature control for writing via OBD2

The following Tricore processor types are supported:

1. TC1762

2. TC1766

3. TC1792

4. TC1796

5. TC1724

6. TC1767

7. TC1797

8. TC1782

9. TC1793


Not currently supported:

1. Read, write external flash memory

2. Work with ECUs that do not have internal flash memory

3. Bosch ECUs set on Chinese vehicles

4. Part of ECUs that have a high version of TPROT (MED17.5.5)

Necessary equipment

To work with the module, the following equipment is required:

1. CHIPSOFT J2534 adapter (Acrylic / Lite / Mid / Pro). Adapters manufactured before

the fall of 2019 need to be upgraded. Upgrade of the adapter is described in a

separate document. The firmware and adapter driver version must be at least 1.5

2. CHIPSOFT GPT adapter. Adapters with the Rev.A PCB need to be upgraded and

reflashed; adapters with the Rev.B PCB do not require any additional preparations.

Upgrade and reprogramming of the GPT adapter is described in a separate


3. Optional CHIPSOFT OBD2 BreakOut Box

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